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Intravenous Training Pad

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Includes 2x Anatomically Different Pads

Multi Spot Pricking: Trainees can practice multiple needle insertions at the same spot without worrying about leakage, enhancing their technique and confidence.

Anatomical Accuracy: Replicates the intricate anatomy of the venous system, including the median cubital vein connecting the basilic and cephalic veins (H-Pattern), fostering a comprehensive learning experience.

Anatomical Variation: or median basilic vein and median cephalic vein joining to form the median vein (Y-Pattern).

Palpable Realism: Experience realistic palpation properties, allowing trainees to develop their skills in identifying vein locations.

Loss of Resistance: Our training pad mimics the authentic sense of loss of resistance when the needle is correctly inserted into the vein, refining the art of venous access.

Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with needles, intravenous cannulas, and vacutainers, ensuring familiarity with real-world medical equipment. 

Blood Withdrawal and Infusion: Provides the unique ability to practice blood withdrawal and infusion, ensuring the proficiency in these critical procedures. 

Smooth Intravenous Medication: Trainees can administer intravenous medication confidently, experiencing the sensation of smooth medicine delivery when the needle is properly positioned. 

Obstruction Detection: Experience resistance while inserting the needle, indicating incorrect positioning, and witness simulated extravasation if the needle is properly places.