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Infant IV Leg

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Realistic Skin: Crafted from premium silicone, our simulator replicates an infant's skin, providing a truly lifelike tactile experience. 

Exceptional Durability: Designed to withstand repeating needle insertions without leakage, ensuring a long-lasting training tool.

Translucent Realism: Our simulator boasts translucent skin, enabling clear visualization of veins on the foot for enhanced training accuracy. 

Precise Venous Anatomy: With anatomical accuracy, it includes small saphenous veins, great saphenous veins, the dorsal venous arch of the foot, and tributaries. 

Palpable Veins: Trainees can feel the veins under the skin, enhancing the realism of the experience.

Realistic Color: Veins feature true-to-life coloring, adding authenticity to training scenarios. 

Learn Vein Stabilization: Learners must use various hand positions to prevent rolling of veins during practice, ensuring better skill development.

Diverse Skill Levels: Choose from two simulator legs, one with a DIVA score of 2 and the other with a more challenging DIVA score of 4. 

Transillumination Capable: Utilize the transillumination test for optimal vein visualization. 

Authentic Feedback: Trainees experience realistic resistance as the needle touches the vein, with a noticeable give-away sensation upon entry into the vein cavity.

Versatility Unleashed: Our simulator allows practice for venipuncture, IV cannulation, IV medication administration, and IV fluid administration.