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Infant IO Leg

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High Quality Silicone Skin: Mimics the touch and feel of real infant skin, creating a lifelike training environment.

Seamless Design: Ensures that the site of IO insertion cannot be discerned merely by visual inspection.

Tactile Palpation: Facilitates proper site selection through palpation of the bony landmarks of the tibia.

Realistic Feedback: With anatomical accuracy - it includes small saphenous veins, great saphenous veins, the dorsal venous arch of the foot, and tributaries. 


Advantages You Can't Ignore

  • Enhance skill development and confidence in a risk-free environment
  • Practice and perfect the full IO insertion procedure with accuracy
  • Improve decision making through realistic tactile feedback
  • Cultivate proficiency in identifying correct insertion sites through palpation
  • Support responsible training with an environmentally and pollution-free material